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United States Navy Special Warfare Operator - Navy SEAL

Company: United States Navy
Location: Hoboken
Posted on: May 4, 2022

Job Description:

U.S. Navy Special Warfare Operator - Navy SEAL About Navy Recruiting Offices EmpireState Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Empire State is a United State Navy Recruiting Command that covers New York to New Jersey whether you re looking to join as an Enlisted Sailor or Officer. The sea is an incredible beast. It reaches impossible speeds, depths and distances. It cannot be beaten with the strongest fist, the sharpest knife or the fastest bullet. In America's Navy, water and salt flow through our veins in the same proportion as the sea. That mighty force is the lifeblood of the greatest Navy ever to sail upon it, slip beneath it or fly above it. It shapes Americans from every corner of the nation into Sailors with the courage to protect liberty back home. Bonding us with the commitment to serve with honor. The sea propels every one of our men and women to defeat or defend. To comfort or to awe. To victory or to the rescue. We are America's Navy. And we are all Forged by the Sea. United States Navy Job requirements: Meet specific eyesight requirements: 20/40 best eye. 20/70 worst eye; correctable to 20/25 with no color blindness Meet the minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test (ASVAB) Be age 30 or younger Be a U.S. citizen, Green card holder Pass a physical examination required for divers JOB DESCRIPTION: To become a Navy SEAL, you must first go through what is widely considered to be the most physically and mentally demanding military training in existence. Then comes the tough part: the job of essentially taking on any situation or foe that the world has to offer. Direct action warfare. Special reconnaissance. Counterterrorism. Foreign internal defense. When there s nowhere else to turn, Navy SEALs are in their element. Achieving the impossible by way of conditioned response, sheer willpower, and absolute dedication to their training, their missions, and their fellow spec ops team members. In this role, you will provide immediate military options amidst crises around the world. Offering decision-makers a proven way to successfully control the most challenging scenarios. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Some of the many duties you may have as a Navy SEAL include: Conducting insertions and extractions by sea, air, or land to accomplish covert, Special Warfare missions. Capturing high-value enemy personnel and terrorists around the world. Collecting information and intelligence through special reconnaissance missions. Carrying out small-unit, direct-action missions against military targets. Performing underwater reconnaissance and the demolition of natural or man-made obstacles prior to amphibious landings. WORK ENVIRONMENT: The job of a Navy SEAL relies heavily on adaptability and teamwork. Members train and work in all manner of environments, including desert and urban areas, mountains and woodlands, and jungle and arctic conditions. Whatever the specific mission and surroundings, you ll utilize the specialized skills and the high-tech equipment required. And you ll operate not only as a highly capable individual but also as a member of tightly knit SEAL units. These include task units (32-man), platoons (16-man), squads (8-man), teams (4-man), and swim buddy (2-man). PHYSICAL SCREENING TEST REQUIREMENTS: Upon joining the Navy, you must complete the following minimum Physical Screening Test Requirements: Swim 500 yards within 12 minutes 30 seconds. Rest 10 minutes. 42 push-ups within 2 minutes. Rest 2 minutes. 50 sit-ups within 2 minutes. 6 pull-ups (no time limit). 1.5 mile run within 11 minutes. Pass a Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL BUD/S physical fitness screening test in Boot Camp and in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). Note: is expected. If you re pursuing a SEAL position, much better PST scoring. TRAINING AND ADVANCEMENT: The comprehensive SEAL training process prepares you for the extreme physical and mental challenges of SEAL missions. After Boot Camp, your preparation will consist of more than 12 months of initial training that includes Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL BUD/S School, Parachute Jump School and SEAL Qualification Training (SQT), followed by an additional 18 months of pre-deployment training and intensive specialized training. All training is designed to push you to your physical and mental limits. If you re up to the task, you ll emerge in incredible physical shape and possess the necessary confidence, determination, and teamwork to succeed in a combat environment. EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES: As a member of the Naval Special Warfare/Naval Special Operations (NSW/NSO) community, you will have a number of unique opportunities to advance your knowledge. The courses in this field are demanding, but those who accept these challenges will be rewarded not only with extra pay, but extraordinary duty assignments anywhere in the world. PAY RANGE : In addition to normal military pay and allowances, the Navy offers an enlistment bonus for certain NSW/NSO communities. You may also earn additional pay that includes special duty assignment pay, parachute jump pays, dive payor demolition pays. Together, these incentives make these individuals among the highest-paid Enlisted operators in the U.S. military. BENEFITS : Supplemental/bonus pay. Scheduled pay raises and potential promotions. Post-9/11 GI Bill funding for you or your family to use for school. 30 days vacation with pay earned every year. Outstanding retirement benefits, plus a 401(k)-like thrift savings plan. Comprehensive medical and dental coverage. Tax-free allowances for housing and meals. Tax-free shopping privileges at military stores. Free or low-cost travel opportunities. Access to military bases, clubs, and recreational facilities all over the world. Credentials/Certifications through Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (Navy COOL).

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